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photos Summer  Seminar in Germany
January Seminar in D.R.

An unforgettable event


The seminar was an unforgettable event that will remain forever in our lives. The different activities complemented each other in a way that each day we could see more clearly the power that has been vested upon us as human beings.

The day began with a Zikr followed by morning exercise. The Zikr help us attain a very special energy that through the morning exercise strengthened our attention and we were able to establish and maintain a contact with our innermost Being.

 The seminar was geared to the constant struggle of our two natures the Divine to which we aspire and the earthly in which we live. This distinction was stressed in the performance of the play, "The Struggle of the Magicians"  which we performed every night after dinner. Every day was dedicated to a different act that we prepared during the day for the nightly performance. It seemed that our abilities to play the different roles increased greatly as the energy of the seminar was becoming stronger and more organized.

The last act of the play was performed by those that were chosen by the group based on their previous performances in the other acts.

Every day we came together it was obvious that we had become a strong group united by our common bondage formed by the daily Zikrs and movements. It was obvious that the movements are a vehicle for adoration and they posses a magical ingredient that can manifest the organization of the Higher Worlds in our lower natures. To become sensitive to each movement and what it contains was an everyday occurrence in this seminar.

The performance and practice of the Canon of November 15th gave us a taste of the combination of the two roles we have to play in order to bring the third force to manifest in our actions. One energetic and quick while the other soft and gentle. To become one, to go from diversity to unity. To be able to change as fast as circumstances demanded from one to the other and at the same time remain collected and centered.

The Great Work is free to provide an action on each individual and that action has nothing to do with the group or the person who runs the group, it can be felt as a certainty of a company that remains there no matter what. It may come and go as the waves of an infinite ocean but it always leaves an unmistakable taste of clarity and compassion. But most of all understanding




near -Berlin- Germany / October / 04