AUGUST 14- 21 / 2009

Arrival time: 19.00 on Friday August 14

Departure around 16.00 on Friday  21th august


Conducted by Jose Reyes

Gurdjieff Seminar Dedicated to the Study of Fourth Way Methods and Ideas :

Gurdjieff Movements, Themes and discussion of Work Ideas, Meditation,  Prayer, Kitchen Work.



We invite you to join us for a wonderful retreat.

We will all have the opportunity to share the legacy that great spiritual Masters like Mr. Gurdjieff and J.G.Bennett have left us for the enrichmentof our being, in a beautiful Monastery surrounded by Nature -

Monastero dell'Angelo-  in the town of Lucca in Italy

Cost is 470 Euros Minimum price - includes everything for the period of the retreat . -Private room 530.

The Work with Movements plays a central part in the course of these retreats,

as well as Prayer, Meditation, Kitchen Work, Themes & Discussions of Work ideas.


*No experience is required*



Contact in Italy:


Phone in Italy: 39 - 3479695151