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Mulla Narsruddin



More Useful

One day Mullah Nasruddin entered his favorite teahouse and said: 'The moon is more useful than the sun'. An old man asked 'Why mulla?' Nasruddin replied 'We need the light more during the night than during the day.


Promises Kept

A friend asked the mulla "How old are you?" "Forty replied the mullah." The friend said but you said the same thing two years ago!" "Yes" replied the mullah, "I always stand by what I  have said."


Fashion show

Once, when Mullah Nasruddin was visiting a Western town, he was invited to attend a fashion show. He went, and afterwards he was asked how he liked it. "It's a complete swindle!" he exclaimed indignantly. "Whatever do you mean?" he was asked. "They show you the women - and then try to sell you the clothes!"

Friend came over to borrow his donkey

One day , one of Mullah Nasruddin's friend came over and wanted to borrow his donkey for a day or two. Mullah, knowing his friend, was not kindly inclined to the request, and came up with the excuse that someone had already borrowed his donkey. Just as Mullah uttered these words, his donkey started braying in his backyard. Hearing the sound, his friend gave him an accusing look, to which Mullah replied: "I refuse to have any further dealings with you since you take a donkey's word over mine."

The Violin

Once, Mullah Nasruddin bought a violin. And he began to play. NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.... Same note, same string, over and over. NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.... After a few hours his wife was at her wits' end. "Nasruddin!" she screamed. NEEE.. Nasruddin put down the bow. "Yes dear?" "Why do you play the same note? It's driving me crazy! All the real violin players move their fingers up and down, play on different strings! Why don't you play like they do?" "Well dear, I know why they go up and down and try all different strings." "Why is that?" "They're looking for *this* note." And he picked up his bow and resumed his playing. NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE....


To Make  People Stop Talking

One day, Hodja and his son went on a journey.  Hodja let his son ride the donkey while he walked.  Along the way, they passed some people who said, ‘Look at that healthy young boy on the donkey!’

The boy then let his father ride while he walked.  Hodja rode and the boy walked by his side.  Soon they met another group.

‘Look at that!  Poor little boy has to walk while his father rides the donkey.’  This time, Hodja climbed onto the donkey behind his son.  Soon they met another group, who said, ‘Look at that poor donkey!  He has to carry the weight of two people.’

Hodja then told his son. ‘The best thing is for us to walk and lead the donkey.  Then no one can complain.’ So, they continued their journey on foot. Again, they met some others who said: ‘Just take a look at those fools.  Both of them are walking under this hot sun and neither of them is riding the donkey.’

In exasperation, Hodja lifted the donkey onto his shoulders and said, ‘Come on, if we don't do this, it will be impossible to make people stop talking.


Everyone is Right

Once when Nasreddin Hodja was serving as Qadi, one of his neighbors came to him with a complaint against a fellow neighbor.

The Hodja listened to the charges carefully, then concluded, "Yes, dear neighbor, you are quite right."

Then the other neighbor came to him. The Hodja listened to his defense carefully, then concluded, "Yes, dear neighbor, you are quite right."

The Hodja's wife, having listened in on the entire proceeding, said to him, "Husband, both men cannot be right."

The Hodja answered, "Yes, dear wife, you are quite right."


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