By Leora


In the human body there are these “spots’ which connects the earthy and astral bodies. On earth we have “holy places” that connects this world to the upper worlds.


Mr. Bennett says that ‘the belief in the merit of pilgrimage is very strong in all Asia’ since “one received something of the vibrations that remain from what has been experienced in that place in times long past”.


Mr. Bennett speaks about a triad of god, man and earth. Man’s relation with the earth cannot be excluded from the constant reciprocal relation between man and his creator –maintainer.


Jerusalem- also called the umbilicus of the world- was chosen to be a channel and a recipient for the massage of divine love.

In the bible the name Jerusalem-yerushalaiim –like the word for heavens-shamaaiim- comes in plural; as if there are two Jerusalems- “Jerusalem of above” and “Jerusalem of the world”; between the two cities there is a constant reflectivity.


There are traces, throughout Islam, Christianity and Judaism, of the connection between Jerusalem and the coming of the Messiah or the second apparition.

Emin Bey tells Mr. Bennett (‘travels in Islam countries’, p. 95) about the violence and death that will necessarily befall Jerusalem before the second coming of Christ.


We ask our common father to bring peace to the earthy Jerusalem reflecting the peace made in the upper worlds –because we reckon that peace in Jerusalem is inseparable from the second coming.


Let us wish with our essence for peace in Jerusalem;

Let us believe with our essence that peace will descend on Jerusalem bringing the massage of divine love;

for salvation means that each heart will be penetrated with the sacred impulse of divine love.