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So much knowledge and yet so ignorant, we have advanced so much in technology and  science, yet we remain as ignorant as we can possibly be about ourselves. We have conquered space but have not been able to reach our hearts, so close and  yet so distant. Our human potential remains at the level of personality and ego, where daily existence has no quality and it has become totally dependent on what  happens outside of us.

More than 2000 years ago we were  given the secret but we have taken it with the wrong center, a message that was  delivered to the heart was taken by the head. Still today the head has not been able to decipher the message. The more it tries, the further we get from the original message.

There is only one God and only one Son of God, and only one Holy Spirit, this is the reality of the tree forces, or the Holy Trinity, if you like. But we take it to be several gods, one for each religion and several sons of god also, one for each creed. When we begin to put names to people and actions we separate from the original and fall  into diversity.

We must understand that that there is no division in the higher worlds, it is in the lower worlds where we give different names to the  same thing. When we hear a name, we associate it with concepts and previous experiences accumulated in our memory. That is why G. in his All and Everything used names that were usually composed from a combination of two or  three languages. But when we hear names like Christ, or Buda we immediately picture in our minds two totally different persons instead of  one.

For people of the work is very important  to be able to understand the reality of Christ, but not the historical Christ  that was born in Bethlehem and died in  Jerusalem. But to be in contact with an everlasting presence always manifesting in our hearts. Sometimes this presence is overwhelming, while at other times is barely noticed. He himself talked of this  presence as the Comforter and said that it was necessary for him to go in order  to send the Comforter to us. But in order to understand the presence of the third force within us we have to put the historical Christ in its right perspective.

The real I is in each one of us and as we go trough the process of Transformation this I begins to establish himself, there are not  different I's for different people, just one I. When  this I becomes incarnated and manifest in the world, then we have a Sacred  Individual, no matter how you call him or her, they all speak the same language.  It is the manifestation of the real I of humanity that they represent. It is  your own I talking to you and uses the same words that your real I uses when it manifests to you internally. So when they talk,  it is you talking because their words are objective and eternal, they are really  coming from you. "If they tell you that the  Kingdom  of God is here or there, do not believe them, because the  Kingdom  of God is within you".

Lent is a very special time of the year because many people celebrate or participate (in their own way) in this period. It also coincides  with the spring equinox. As a matter of fact ash Wednesday fluctuates every year  because it is related to the full moon, and the forty days that preside Holy  week. For us as it is mentioned in Beelzebub it is a time to provide shocks to  the Planetary body p.1016 (Beelzebub in America). So this time of  the year is an opportunity open to us all to acquire the strength necessary to overcome the force of our own ego.  Take this time of the year to really make efforts over  your body and create conditions of sacrifice and intelligent suffering, like  fasting or abstaining from animal products or by-products.

If you wish to know more about our activities for this  period and you would like to join us, please let  us know since we will be  starting our program for Lent on Ash Wednesday every year.

With much appreciation for your company.

Jose R.







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