We would like to share with you our summer program 2011, so that you can make plans to join us in one or more of the summer retreats during the months of July , August and September.


There will be 5 events in Europe:


Paris - (July 1-2-3)


Spain - (July 9 - 17) 


Germany - (July 22-30)


Italy - ( August 19 - 27)


Munich - (September 1-2-3-4)



All retreats are  open to all, newcomers as well as those with previous experience.


The practices of Movements play a crucial role in all of this events as well as Zikr, meditation, theme discussion, practical work activities and other Practices of Fourth Way ideas.


We very much hope that you can join us in one or more of these retreats.


Some of the facilities have a minimum as well as a maximum number of participants so we suggest that you write to us as soon as you make a decision to participate, -that way you will  HELP US organize this events the best possible way



The Places:


France: Paris

Spain: Torronteras

Germany : Junkerath

Munich: Munchen - Haar

Italy: Montauto




Write or call Katiuska with questions or comments.

E-Mail:  <webmaster@gurdjieffdominican.com>

Phone: 809-5631586