This October an Alaskan Gathering presents a Theme of "Cleansing the Heart".   


Mans Will is in but not of the Intellectual Center and Being is in, not of the Emotional Center:  In time, world events and personal changes pose challenges which are best approached with emotional integrity.  

A unique blend of Yogic, Sufi and traditional other Gurdjieff exercises and investigations over the course of five days all or part is open for all persons interested in the pursuit of transformative development.


Alaskan Seminar Dates:


This unique opportunity will present itself October 20th though October 24th with Katiuska and Jose Reyes in Anchorage.

The new schedule is as follows:

Wednesday Oct 20th:  Movie and public lecture at Pioneer School House Anchorage.

Thursday October 21th:  Open movements class in the evening, at Anchorage Pioneer School House

Friday October 22th through Sunday October 24th:  "Cleansing of the Heart " A remote weekend Gathering  at Lake Meier.

Write or call steve stehr with questions or comments.


Phone: 907 274 0963