3-days seminar

13, 14 15  April 2007 in  Avon ( France )




When the body is "in the WORK"

Movements will be taught by José REYES




The movements of GURDJIEFF and their music are a special language in which knowledge of Laws like THE OCTAVE or the ENNEAGRAM is expressed and transmitted.

During this seminar, special techniques and Movements will be given that assist to the forming of a new attention and a new understanding to absorb these Laws in a deeper way.

This attention also helps to re-align and balance the three main functions of Man :


Further daily meditations will be part of the program as well as experiments with role and theatre - playing, in the tradition of GURDJIEFF's Work.

Both, Movements and special techniques will be studied with the accompaniment of piano-music based on authentic sources. 


Registrations are made in chronological order to receive of payments. The maximum participant-number is 30. Payment has to be completed before the start of the seminar


COST OF SEMINAR ( except meals and lodging )      240 €


SEMINAIR - TIMES        09.00 hours - 18.00 hours 

CLOTHING please bring white t-shirts and black trousers and dancing shoes with felt or leather soles ( no rubber or plastic soles )

LUNCH  will be taken together ( 13€ per meal ) please inform us about special wishes ( vegetarian for instance  )

The dinner, after 18.00 hours, will be free.

PLACE and LODGING  After receiving  your registration, a route-description and route-plan will be send to you

PARTIAL PAYMENT        100 €