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Celetration of Spring and the Hymn to the Sun

 Jose Reyes

The spring Equinox has been celebrated by many traditions and by many tribes, countries and nations. It is the call to celebrate the coming of the awakening of Great Nature. This is the day when the hours of sunlight equal the night hours. From that moment on, the days become longer and nature awakens to a new cycle and a new beginning.

This process can be seen as an internal transformation.  It is midway in the forty days that follow Ash Wednesday and should be seen as the preparation to participate fully in Holy Week. This is related to death and resurrection. We must die to every stage in our journey in order to be born on the next one. As we represent in the Great Prayer, the three deaths with the tree prostrations of the prayer. The first death is from all attachments from everything that we are presently identify with, the second death is the death of our physical body and the third death is the death of our body “kesdjan” or our astral body. Also we could look at the three deaths in a more profound way as we become disillusioned with one world and are born in the next one. Then the first death will be disillusionment with the world of bodies, the second death is disillusionment with oneself, the third death is disillusionment with the believe that, one can do or achieve something from oneself.

The Movement -40 positions also called “The Hymn to the Sun” represent the 40 days we spend together working as a group and trying to grasp the real meaning of Easter. Each gesture of the 40 positions can represent a different stage in our search, and most of all we come to realize that we are vehicles with the ability to unite two worlds, reconciling within us the impulses that initiate from existence and those that spring from essence.

The healthy balance need to be achieved first by death and then by resurrection, as it was said by our esteemed teacher:

“Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.” (Bible quote)









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