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We are transformers of energies, and the way we do it will determine how we live our lives. Our everyday life will depend on the quality, as well as the quantity of energy we posses. Quantity as well as quality is determined by the way we receive and digest impressions. At the same time the way we receive impression depend on how our centers have been educated or trained.

Continuous education means that we must reeducate our bodies mind and feelings to receive impression in a more healthy way.


We have become habitual in all three centers and our behavior and reactions are usually predetermined by our upbringing and education. If we are able to replace bad habits with good ones then we will be able to improve the quality and quantity of our life, thus by increasing the energy levels we will digest impressions and feed the higher parts of our being.


Energy can not be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed. For us humans, energy is usually wasted through the wrong work of centers and it is imperative to learn not to waste our energy.


By understanding energies we will understand ourselves.


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Extract from Deeper Man



By learning about the control of energies we can do things that are very difficult to do just by wanting to do them, or "trying" to do them, or by feel­ing that we "ought" to do them. Self-control by attempting to change and reg­ulate behavior is very much more cumbersome and ineffective. For example, if we find in ourselves some negative form of behavior, some anger or distress that is serving for nothing, then the thing to realize is how to cut off the sup­ply of energy that is keeping it going. Inhibition in the world of function only serves to produce the now very famous "repression" with all sorts of unwished for consequences. Or we may wish to perform a certain task which requires us to be in a particular state. We have to learn to generate the energy that that state needs; otherwise, we have to wait about until it "happens." Gurdjieff has a lot to say about this from practical experience in Life Is Real Only Then When "I Am." Such work can only be safely attempted when our "I" has taken its rightful place in us and is no longer usurped by egoism.


There is no experiment that we can devise which would reveal energies to us directly. They are altogether out of reach by the senses and any kind of observation. But this does not entirely mean that they are altogether outside of experience. In the Sufi terminology, the world of energies is called the alam­i arvah. Arvah is the plural of the word ruh, which, like the Hebrew word roh, means "spirit." But when people discovered that there were powers working in the world and called these spirits, they were really discovering the same thing that science was to discover through its study of material changes and which it calls "energies." We can therefore correctly translate alam-i arvah as the "world of energies." What this term signifies was discovered a long time Ago: that there is something invisible behind all that we are able to see which let acts in the visible world.


We can say that everything that exists in the universe is as it is in order that various qualities of energy can be stored and the various energy trans­formations that make up the cosmic economy can take place. This is fairly easy to see in the mechanical world. We know how it is possible to convert chem­ical energy into heat, heat into motion, motion into electrical energy, and so on, as in a power station. The way we live depends more and more on such transformations, and only a small part of our energy needs is supplied through metabolizing the foods we eat, as the animals produce their energy. This has made us peculiarly dependent upon the external world, as we are always hav­ing to borrow energy from it. We should realize that the energies of life are transformed just as the lower energies are. There are specific energies con­nected with the physiological functions of all living creatures, endowing them with the peculiar qualities characteristic of life. All of these are constantly being transformed. There are also energies connected with our psychological func­tions which undergo transformation; and there are even higher energies than these which must be transformed. Everything, from rocks and stones and soil, up through plants, invertebrates , and vertebrates, up to man and beyond him, has a role to play in the cosmic process of energy transformation.



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