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The Time of Christ


The Time of Christ

by Jose Reyes

We often wonder when is the time of Christ, mainly because we have been led to believe in the historical Christ. So every time we bring the image of Christ to our awareness we picture him as the man represented in the paintings and drawing that we have seen throughout our life.

The true Christ has nothing to do with the historical Christ or whatever we imagine him to look like. We should consider very seriously the fact that we cannot rely on stories, pictures or even the gospels to bring about a conception that will connect us with this reality.

The Reality of Christ is here and now, it is a timeless experience that we can share with all humanity as "I Am".  By Working together we begin to participate in sharing very special substance and the more we come together under a common aim, the more we experience the reality of "I Am".

When people talk about the second coming, what we imagine it to be is the return of the Historical Jesus, dressed in a white robe standing in a corner of one of the streets of New York, calling on people to repent from their sins and find their way to the kingdom of heaven, where they will rule with him for a thousand years. This is such a naïve view of the whole event, mainly because we see everything from the standpoint of man number one, two or three. So the actions of the Higher Worlds are usually judged from what we would expect to happen in the world that we are must familiar with.

The second coming will happen within our hearts, it will be a common event as we move into time. More and more people will begin to understand the hidden message in the teachings of Jesus. The forty days of Easter are always a starting point, which will help us in this understanding.

Mr. Bennett paid special attention to the period of Lent, where he suggested we should memorize the Sermon on the Mount, because it contains the rules for a working community and it is not intended for everyone. It is clearly stated at the beginning of the sermon where it says: “And seeing the multitudes, he went up in to a mountain, and when he set, his disciples came unto him”. So it is obvious that he broke away from the multitude, in order to provide a set of rules to be observed by those who worked together.

Of special significance is the last week of Easter we arrive at after a 40 days preparation doing different activities every week, like The Great Prayer and other prayer Movements, fasting, prayer of the Rosary, reading of the Bible and expositions of different readings like the Purgatory chapter of “All and Everything”. Also as a group we try to do a vigil that is staying up all night together performing the Great Prayer every hour , Meditation and  Prayer of the Heart.

These are very special times for us and great opportunities for the transformation of our being abide everywhere. As the conditions of life worsen all around us also at the same time our internal world can be touch in a very different manner. We have been observing the Easter period for more than 18 years in our group and what was originally a three or four people event once now is a more than a thirty people practice.



“ Not all are united with Jesus, but Jesus is united with all. There are many possibilities of union which for us are both different and not different.” J.G.Bennett – Intermediate state of Salvation / The way to be free.



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