July 21 - July 30 / 2006- Familienhaus Ommerborn

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Summer Seminars in Germany

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SUMMER SEMINAR - Germany 2006


SUMMER 2006                                                                           From July 21 to July 30

When we first came in contact with each other, an openness was created that allowed us to be closer.

It was very interesting to see in our individual life’s the possibility of living with a different kind of energy, where we can see events from a different perspective than in ordinary life,  and an unmistakable taste of how it is possible to be able to live and act as real human beings was left in us.

We were blessed to be together in a wonderful atmosphere that permeated our essences with Joy and deeper understanding.

One of the main activities of the seminar was an all night (12 hours) communal prayer where we as a group prayed to help those who have died prematurely in the resent tragic events of the World. The Group Worked together during the day making half hour stops with the prayer of the heart,  then from 7pm to 7am next day we maintain a vigil in the chapel of the place.

It is obvious that we must pursued and find the means to attain a more permanent and stable emotional state were we can once and for all make our personality passive, and our essence then will participate in all  the experiences of our lives.



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