Making Essence Active

Jose Reyes


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Illusion and Reality

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Interview with Jose Reyes

for  3Millenaire Magazine - #87 / 3-2008 - Paris

Theme: "illusion and reality".

Title:  “Rendre l’essence active” (Making essence active)

3Millenaire: "If I observe my behavior during daily activities, I see that I am only reactions. Moreover, these reactions are mainly negatives: fear, anger or irritation, envy, resistance to what is asked to me, inertia, corporal stress.  I am totally identified to these inner states... Is this reality?"

Jose Reyes: Yes, that is reality.

We usually look at the World and events as the color of our glasses allowed us to. So we can properly say that this is “reality”, but we must say that it is subjective “reality”. In order to see what is real and therefore to see reality, we can not be identified, because the moment we are identified we loose contact from reality and we become our own subjective reality, in other words, my negative emotions are real for me as long as I am identified with them.

 The first thing that we must see before we are able to distinguish what is “real” without quotation marks, from what is real with quotation marks is, that there must be a state of separation where I am able to move my center of gravity to the observer which is a psychological process that is not centered in thoughts, feeling or sensation.

This is the meaning of “Work on oneself” where you begin to distinguish two definite states of behavior, -one where you are totally immerse in a thought, a feeling or a sensation (and you become one with that thought, that feeling or that sensation) and the other where you are able to see the state and at the same time see yourself.

3Millenaire: "Being at the level of observation where we can see at the same time ourselves and our state of behavior is unusual in the life. How can I experiment this specific state of being in my daily life? Is there are steps to achieve?"

Jose Reyes: Yes you must become man #4,  as long as we are man number 1, 2 or 3 our observation of ourselves will always be tinted by the perception of the center where we have establish a center of gravity. So the way we see behavior is either through the intellectual center or through the emotions. Mr. Gurdjieff said that perception with one center is madness, through two centers is hallucination.

Man Number four according to our Teaching ( The Fourth Way) is the man that through Work on himself has attained a three center balanced state, which means that his functions are now harmoniously coordinated to feed his essence so that he can become mature in his emotions.

Now in order to clarify further what we said before,  let us use the analogy of a house in total chaos where no one is in charge and the servants call themselves “I”. This is a house that has three levels.   Then some of the more intelligent servants decide to elect among them a servant that every one will obey, now this servant call himself the deputy steward, but he is not the real “I” either.  He begins to learn about the Teaching, about the Work, about the house, and realizes that he is just a transitional steward but not the real steward that can manage the house and prepare the place for the real “I” to arrive.

The second stage is what we call real self-observation, this is the beginning of understanding about oneself this observer is called the “real steward and by his observation he begins to strengths the power of separation from the ordinary “I’s” that dwell in each of the centers. He prepares the House for the arrival of the real “I” or Master.

"In this teaching, it is also question of false and real personality.  -What is false and real personality?,   In order to become a man number four does it mean false personality must disappear?, - How does false and real personality relate to the diversity of the “I”s, to the transitional steward, and to the real I?"

Jose Reyes: There is a big difference between false personality and personality,  false personality has a very stretch relation with the ego of a person; we do things so that people will not talk against us, or we behave in a certain manner so that people think good about us.

False personality is always looking and pretending to be what it is not, it is also called the nullity because it is an image of ourselves that we have build based on imagination. With false personality we always want people to value us for what we are not, we lie about ourselves to others and we also believe our own lies.

False personality is very hard to destroy because must of the habits of the centers have been created and respond to it. 

Personality on the other hand, is not at all negative or detrimental to us, on the contrary it is needed but in its right place. Personality is our knowledge, our experience, the training we have receive, the way we carry ourselves and respond to life; the problem is that personality is responding to life without the participation of essence and it’s taking the initiative in any activity that we engage in throughout the day; the seat of personality is in the formatory apparatus so it is usually using words and arguments to respond to life situations.

The Fourth way give us the tools that we can use to reverse the situation so that essence becomes active, personality becomes passive and essence is able to use personality as needed or called by the occasion. This is the stage of man #4 where his centers are balanced, which means that all the initiative is taking by the real “I” in him and all the functions are subordinated to this real “I”, under this state of affairs the ego will no longer affect or dictate behavior in the person, it will disappear since that person no longer lives by appearances, and the nullity has no need to pretend to be, because now the person “is”.

The different “I’s” comes from the centers, there are intellectual I’s,  emotional I’s and physical I’s, the many I’s are called the servant of the house. The deputy steward is one of the I’s usually in the intellectual center and he is the one that learns about the Work, reads about it, tries to apply it, but he has no much force, he is weak specially when two or more I’s come together they can overcome what ever it is that the knowledge of  the Work tells him to do.

The real steward on the other hand is not one of the I’s, he is the product of self observation he is the result of seeing how we really are impartially, he is not made of the same material as the lower I’s  that have no real control over the centers, the steward on the other hand using the energy of self remembering has total control over the behavior of each and every center and so it is said that he  prepares the house for the arrival of the real I’s,  the rightful owner.

3Millenaire: "The process you describe leads to the idea of a scale of reality, where one experiments reality in different way according to his level. Is this scale related to refinement of energy, for example through self remembering ?"

Jose Reyes: Yes, reality is perceived according to the level of energy that we are able to generate, sustain and maintain. If you apply this to our everyday experience, we can readily see that our mood depends much on the energy that we have at a given moment.  When you are happy every thing seems to be roses-roses, when you’re sad on the other hand everything is just thorns.

Each energy is capable of giving us more or less ability to perceive reality; this reality can be highly subjective for people whose level of energy is so low that they only see their own states as real.

This is the case of a “man machine” who sees only with automatic energy, the next level will be that of free sensitivity, where you become sensitive to the impressions and become aware of yourself receiving them. So that you are not only hearing, but you are listening, you are not only looking but you are seeing, you are not only eating but your are tasting, your not only touching, but you feel what you touch.

This is because you have a new energy more organized than the automatic energy which is usually based on reactions, attractions and repulsion, likes and dislike. In the sensitive level you begin to be the master of your impressions.

The next energy level is conscious energy, here the conscious processes you participate in begin to make sense and bring significance to your life. Conscious energy is very special because contrary to what people say “I am conscious” it is rather much proper to say I am participating in consciousness.

This theme of energies could be a totally different subject, one that could stand out by itself, because we are leaving out here the must important part of the energies which is the blending, that Mr. Gurdjieff called Harnelmiatznel,  in his book “All and Everything, Beelzebub’s Tales to his grandson” , meaning  -The processes which it is actualized Thus: the higher blends with the lower in order to actualize the middle and thus becomes either higher for the preceding lower, or lower for the succeeding higher.


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