Repairing the Past



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Repairing the past

Extract from document -by Mr. Gurdjieff

G. I. Gurdjieff

Repair the past...

Gs: You know "Justice" is a big word - it' is a big thing in the world. Objective things are not small things like microbes, they go according to law, as the law has accustomed them to go. Remember as you sow, so you will reap. Not only people reap, but also families and nations. It often happens that, that which happens on earth comes from something which was done by a father or a grandfather. The results converge on you, the son or grandson it is you who have to regulate then, This is not an injustice, it is a very great honor for you it will be a means which will allow to regulate the past of your father, grandfather, great-grandfather. If misfortunes come to you in your youth, it means that someone brought them - for this you must reap. He is dead, it is another on earth who reaps. You must not look at yourself egotistically. You are a link in the chain of your blood. Be proud of it, it is an honor to be this link. The more you are obliged to repair the past, the more you will have remorse of conscience. You will succeed in remembering all that which you have not done as you should in the past. Those things which you have done contrary to JUSTICE have mortified your grandfather. Thus you can have ten times more remorse of conscience and your worth will augment in proportion. You are not tail of a donkey, You have responsibil­ities, a family. All your family, past and future, depend on you, your entire family depends an the way you repair the past, If you repair for everyone, it is good. If you do not repair for everyone, it is bad. You see your situation, Logically, do you see what Justice is? Justice is not occupied with your little affairs, unredeemed pledges, it is occupied with big things. It Is idiotic to believe God thinks of small things. It is the same with Justice. Justice does not touch all that and at the same time, nothing  is done on earth without it. Search for the reasons You are obliged to have a position of responsibility in the line of your blood; you must work more to repair the past. It is difficult to understand all at once.



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