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Summer Seminar in Germany
January Seminar in D.R.

G. I. Gurdjieff

“Human beings are surrounded by an atmosphere”

Extract from book "La Prise de Conscience et G.I. GURDJIEFF". by Solange Claustres,

"One day, I told G.I.Gurdjieff that I experienced much energy after a Movements class, and that it disappeared, that I could not hold it. I added that in life also certain circumstances gave me energy, and that, in the same way I would loose it.

After a silence, G. responded, tenderly, with tranquilly, that human beings are surrounded by an atmosphere, like the earth. That through thoughts and emotions, one lets out one's energy, and it is lost. He specified that this atmosphere is more or less large according to each, as a continuity of the body, as a limit.

That it was necessary for me to exercise myself in feeling the space around me, to experience (sense)  my atmosphere as a continuity of my presence, and to sense its limit, without it getting out, without it overflowing. To learn to conserve my energy within the limits of my atmosphere. To not let it be attacked by something from outside, that nothing can enter into it.

G.Gurdjieff continued, saying that if one lets one's energy go in imagination, emotions, one identifies and it is lost. That it is necessary to learn what it has not been trained for. That I need to learn to think, to feel without identifying.

That habitual thoughts are not real reflection, but associations, emotions with which one identifies, and that in consequence the energy is absorbed and is lost.

That the development of attention, of consciousness, is accomplished with the energy of our being. That one has to learn to use it for the full development of one's being and not to waste it."



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