Gurdjieff- Judas Iscariot

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Judas Iscariot - Gurdjieff Talk to Bennett


Gospel of Judas / manuscript discovered after 1,700 years     

Gurdjieff - The Role of Judas

Extract from Witness / J.G. Bennett

There were many extraordinary talks with Gurdjieff at meals. Once he spoke of the Last Supper and the role of Judas. He spoke in a rather low voice to me.

He said that Judas was the best and closest friend of Jesus. Judas alone understood why Jesus was on earth. Judas had saved the work of Jesus from being destroyed, and by his action had made the life of humanity more or less tolerable for two thousand years. He then looked at me very intently, and said: “You know what I say of Judas and how differently the church teaches. Which do you believe is true?”

What was I to answer? I saw that I had accepted without self searching the account that Gurdjieff gives in Chapter 38, on Religion, of All and Everything. Now I was called upon to pronounce my own judgment.

The crowded dining-room disappeared, and it seemed as if Gurdjieff were leading me back through the centuries to the Jerusalem of A.D. 33. It seemed that I had been there before, but this was not at all important. I was strongly aware of the prodigious forces at work—good forces and evil forces at war. Judas was unmistakably on the side of the good forces. That was all that I needed to know. In a moment we were back in the flat and I was speaking to Gurdjieff.

“You are right. Judas was the friend of Jesus, and he was on the side of good.” Gurdjieff said in a low voice:
“I am pleased what you understand.” He was almost inaudible, and someone asked from the end of the table if he would repeat it. He said:

“I speak only for him. One day Mr. Bennett will give a conference on the Last Supper, and many people will be thankful to him.”




“ Not all are united with Jesus, but Jesus is united with all. There are many possibilities of union which for us are both different and not different.” J.G.Bennett – Intermediate state of Salvation / The way to be free.

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